The Game Developers eXchange (GDX) at the Savannah College of Art and Design brings the world’s best game developers to the deep south for a two-day conference focusing on the industry’s latest trends. Held in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, GDX is presently in its 4th year. Participants choose from a variety of sessions in which professionals share what goes into the creation of games. GDX 2008 will emphasize emerging models of play, design, production and distribution. For more information, e-mail GDX.

Learn more about SCAD’s interactive design and game development department.


Four tracks make up the Game Developers eXchange:

  • Game Art focuses on the purely aesthetic angle of game development. Sessions range from concept art to the importance of a traditional art education.
  • Game Design focuses on such things as rules, system design, prototyping and immersion. Game writers chime in with the importance of story, setting and theme.
  • Level Design, as a perfect nexus between game art and game design, focuses on theĀ  building of great game worlds.
  • Audio focuses on sound effects, production, sound track and sound design that make game worlds so much more than just what we see.



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